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Travelling Light with Kids This Chinese New Year


The travel season is just around the corner. Many of us are dreading the flights ahead and the mountain of luggage that comes with travelling with kids. But it doesn’t need to be this way. After more than 40 flights with two under two, I have found that there are ways to minimise your load. So, here are my tips for travelling light(er) with kids

1. Take half the clothes you think you need for the little ones

Here’s a universal truth: Have baby, will wash. There’s no avoiding laundry when you have kids. I always find that we need to wash our clothes every 2-3 days - stained and soiled clothes just can’t wait till the end of the holiday. The up side of this is that you really don’t need as many clothes as you think.

 2. Muslin magic

My one must-have travel accessory is a large muslin cloth. Usually, I have 3-4 of them stashed throughout my luggage. I use them as nursing covers, blankets, black-out curtains, sun shades and comforters. When my kids are teething, I twist the shawl up into a tight rope for them to bite on. My beautiful Kip and Co swaddle from Abode & Co. also acts as a shawl when I need some extra cover.

3. Baby carry

I love our Tula and Lille Baby carriers. I still carry my 2.5 year old toddler when running errands. Carriers are lightweight, convenient and most importantly, they allow you to be hands free. We only travel with one stroller and two carriers and it makes a huge difference. This also means that you are much more likely to be able to fit all your luggage into one car when you arrive.

4. Rent at your destination

Do your research and find out if its easy and cheap to acquire what you need when you arrive. Most places have travel cots and high chairs. You can also rent strollers, car seats and even toys in many cities – these are delivered straight to you and makes life that much easier (and lighter). If you are travelling to a city where you have friends, don’t be afraid to ask around for these. I find that most people will have a second stroller or travel cot to share.

What are your tips and tricks for traveling with kids? Share them with us in the comments. Happy travels!

Picture Credits: Markus Spiske, Charlotte Coneybeer


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