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5 Ways to Repurpose Baby Clothes

All parents have those cute little onesies or blankets that are just too adorable to part with or little keepsakes that remind us of our little ones when they were teeny tiny.  I mean, were his feet really this tiny? Did that beanie really fit her head? We all also have clothes that were hardly worn before a growth spurt hit or are just too nice to toss or give away just yet.

If these clothes are just sitting at the back of the cupboard, its time to breathe some new life into them. So, we have rounded up the best ideas for making old, new again.

1. Make a keepsake frame: This idea is best suited to clothes that have one large pattern or logo that can be cut out. Stick it onto some backing and frame it. Voila! Instant wall art. And let’s face it – much easier than that memory quilt you are going to get around to some day.

 Keepsake frames

2. Make a pillow monster: This one's a good keepsake for some of the clothes you've been saving because you feel sentimental about them. And it's a fun, easy project too! You can get the kids in on the fun too, by letting them design their own pet monsters

Pillow Monster

3. Make a trivet: You can’t ever have too many of these! First convert tshirts and onesies into “tshirt yarn”. Then, using three strips of the “yarn”, make a thick braid. Then coil the braid to make it into a trivet or a coaster.

tshirt Trivet

4. Make Hot/Cold Bags: These little bags are great to have around for when you’ve had a long day and are looking for a soother. Warm them up in the microwave, put them under you neck and shoulders, and lie down with a face mask on or sliced cucumber on your eyes for a quick nap. Here’s how to make them!

Hot COld Bags

5. Make a Lunch Bag: This one requires a little bit of sewing but the results are worth it. They make cute bags to carry your produce in or carry your lunch box in. Use onesies to make small bags for the kids to carry.

Lunch bags

Bonus Tip!

Attend a workshop! Agatha Lee of Green Issues By Agy regularly teaches upcycling workshops where you can learn the basics of repurposing old clothes and sewing machine usage. Kids as young as 7 can join too! The next workshop is March 11 & 12, 2017 and you can find more details here

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